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Cheap Gas Electric, can save you money on both your gas and electric bills.

When you move to new business premises your business energy supplier will automatically put you onto a high electricity tariff. This high tariff is called a 'deemed rate' because a contract is deemed to exist between you and the current electricity supplier of that premises. Stay on this 'deemed rate' and you could be paying a lot more for your electricity than if you switched suppliers. Shop around and compare business electricity providers and you can take advantage of lower electricity prices straight away.

Why compare electricity prices?

Even if you haven't recently moved business premises and have been with the same electricity provider for some time, you could still save money by comparing electricity suppliers. What was a good rate when you signed up some time ago may no longer be the most competitive rate on the market. Even if you have a small business, selecting the most competitively priced electricity supplier could save you a significant amount of money.

If you're a new business and you stick to the high 'deemed rate' you're automatically put on with your new premises, you could be paying hundreds of extra pounds on your electricity each year. It's quick and simple to compare business electricity prices, and switching could dramatically reduce your electricity bill.

How do I compare business electricity prices?

It takes just 60 seconds to get an electricity quote from British Gas Business. Simply enter your details online and we'll calculate our most competitive quote. Compare this to your current annual spend and you'll quickly see how much you could save on your electricity bill by making British Gas your business electricity supplier. If you have more than one business premises we can provide a fast multi-site quote. Enter the details of each site into our online multi-site calculator and we'll provide independent costs for each site within one clear and simple quote.

We're confident we can help you reduce your electricity costs, but to reassure you that our rates are our most competitive why not compare our prices with other business electricity prices. You can do this by using third party comparison websites. When comparing business electricity prices, it's a good idea to create a spreadsheet so that you can track the different electricity quotes and clearly see who offers the cheapest electricity rates for your business.

Switching is easy

We make switching your business energy supply to all suppliers straightforward and hassle-free. You're in safe hands with us as our energy experts will be with you every step of the way. We'll even do the paperwork for you. Once you've purchased one of our commercial electricity contracts, we'll send you a contract pack in the post. We'll contact the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) to advise them which supplier is taking over your commercial electricity supply, so that you don't need to contact your old supplier. We will arrange terminations at the correct time, so that you are not auto- renewed by your existing supplier. We'll also take care of the checks and meter readings on your business electricity supply prior to switch over. With our quality service from energy experts, switching business energy with Cheap Gas Electric Consultants couldn't be easier.

Gas Tendering

Are you getting the best prices from your current business gas supplier?, why not save a lot of time and energy shopping for prices every year. 

Use our FREE audit and tendering service to get a comprehensive quote from a wide range of gas suppliers. Let us do the hard work for you, with a FREE no obligation quote for during your renewal period. Our independence allows us to tender to a large list of UK gas suppliers, unlike many energy brokers who have preferred suppliers. We can quickly deliver a range of gas quotes for your requirements, allowing you to compare your current cost with our range of business gas quotes . We will complete all work necessary to change suppliers if necessary or negotiate on your behalf with your current business gas supplier. You then choose your preferred supplier and we do the rest.

Gas Suppliers

For commercial gas customers, whether small, medium or large businesses, we can provide both standard and spot market prices from a range of leading UK commercial gas suppliers.  Our commercial gas service is self-funding as we receive an industry fee from the suppliers and determine your current commercial gas costs against a range of OFGEM approved commercial gas supplier's tariffs, to find you the most commercially viable commercial gas proposition.

Large Business Gas

Fixed or Flexible Business Gas Contracts?

Our specialists are in a position to advise when might be best to re-purchase a business gas contract and can procure a new commercial gas contract for you more than 12 months in advance on fixed or flexible commercial gas contract rates. A pro-active approach to managing our clients contracts will make the most of any savings available.